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Welcome to NOBA.ORG

Anant K Singh(1970189) wins defamation case

Message from Anant :

You would be happy to know that on 22.11.2012 the Appellate Court at Lucknow has dismissed the appeal of the journalists filed against the order of conviction passed by the Court of the Special Chief Judicial Magistrate in September, 2007 in the case of my defamation. The PTI has refused to release this news because "The Pioneer" is their client.  Others are reluctant because it relates to journalists.  So far, only Rashtriya Sahara and Hindustan (Hindi),Lucknow have carried this news.  There is a total black out in the electronic media. 


1962 Entry Batch plans to visit Netarhat on Jan 28-29, 2013

NOBA  1982 Entry batch plans to celebrate their Golden Jubilee of entry to school on Jan 28-29, 2013 by visiting School. A number of documents related to this are attached to this news as per request of Kedar Jee.


Deven Bharati(1979252) in news for operation "X"

Deven Bharati (1979252) in news


Video Conferencing tonight(Nov 17) at 10 PM IST with N N SInha

Watch the video of this session at ">Hat Video Conf : Nov 17, 2012 -N N Sinha

Last Updated (Sunday, 18 November 2012 05:46)


Solar power for Netarhat Plateau

Good news on Vidyalay Diwas : as per information received, Ministry of Non-conventional and Renewable Energy Sources has kindly sanctioned a project of installation of 213 kw PV Plant at a cost of Rs. 575 lacs, which is supposed to be enough to light entire Netarhat Plateau. It is also understood that another proposal for installation of solar thermal units has also been sanctioned. Details are awaited!

Last Updated (Thursday, 15 November 2012 19:23)


Video Conferencing today (Nov 10) with Karn Jee and Marathe Jee at 10 PM

Karn Jee could not come online due to Internet issues. However Marathe Jee was kind enough to spend time with us. We had to switch of his video due to slow Internet link. Here is a edited version of event:

">Discussion with Marathe Jee on Nov 10, 2012


Last Updated (Tuesday, 13 November 2012 06:17)

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