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Welcome to NOBA.ORG

Netarhat School Class Xth result

Here is mail from Principal, Netarhat School :

I am glad to inform you that all 106 students appeared at Secondary School Examination -2011 have secured first division. I am also giving break up of marks secured by them as given below :-


Total appeared students - 106

Result declared - 106

90% and above - 37

Between 80 – 89% - 59

Between 70 -79% - 08

Between 65 – 69% - 02

Total - 106 (All passed in First division)


Last Updated (Friday, 22 July 2011 21:49)


Netarhat Principal responds to malpractice charge

Netarhat Principal has responded to "malpractice" charge in Class 10th exam through a letter, which can bs accessed at following link:

Last Updated (Sunday, 12 June 2011 12:17)


Netarhat cradle looses sheen :News in Telegraph

A school that topped the state merit list in last year’s secondary examination has come under Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) scanner for alleged malpractice.

Of the 106 students who took the examination from Netarhat Residential High School in Latehar, only three appeared on the result list announced by JAC this morning. The results of the remaining 103 have been withheld on charges of interpolation, a suspicion raised by the use of whitener on answer sheets.

See the news at :


Pratyush-1992106 (Mitthu) is no more

With extreme grief, I would like to share the untimely demise of Pratyush Ranjan(Karn), known by his pet name "MItthu" to many. Since this news came out in media yesterday, many people have been wanting to know the details. He was second son of B K Karn Jee and my first cousin as well. Those on noba-all mailing list are aware of the details since everyone(including family members) learnt of this incident through that mail.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 11 May 2011 00:03)


Netarhat School to get Rs 25 Crores!!!

As informed by Manish Ranjan (1986146) and confirmed by him with Chief Secretary's office and Dept of Finance, Rs 25 Crores have been approved as part of planned state budget. It is mostly planned to be spent on broad infrastructure development of school.


Manoj Jha(1970184) brings major changes to Ambassador

As per news report: Manoj Jha(1970184)

Manoj Jha(1970184) as Managing Director, Hindustan Motors,  is spearheading major changes in Ambassador Car family to bring back its lost glory.

Last Updated (Saturday, 19 March 2011 09:14)

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