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Welcome to NOBA.ORG

NOBA Delhi Annual Get-together :Pics

Photographs of Annual get together of NOBA Delhi , held on 28th Nov. 2010 at Navyug Vidyalaya , Sarojini Nagar , New Delhi is available at :>

The occasion was graced by ShrimanJi Shri B.N. Chaudhary & Shriman Ji Shri Abhimanyu Khan.

Last Updated (Monday, 03 January 2011 17:15)


Book by Uday Kumar (1986180) - Maoist Terrorist And ISI : A Collaboration ...

Uday says : I have written a book on Relation Of  ISI (Pakistan external intelligence agency) and Naxalite.How ISI coordinating the Maoist operation in India.Maoist conversion of Ideological warrior to a ruthless terrorist,and many more hidden fact of Maoist and ISI may like to visit below link to go through the book.

Last Updated (Thursday, 30 December 2010 19:12)


Ram Naresh Singh Jee takes over as Netarhat Principal with effect from Dec 1, 2010

Mr. RAM NARESH SINGH, H.O.D, ENGLISH has taken the charge of Principal of Netarhat School because Mr. R.G. Marathe has completed his service period at Netarhat School on 30.11.2010.  He had joined as principal on 2nd Feb. 2010 and completed his service on 30.11.2010.

Last Updated (Friday, 03 December 2010 13:58)


Netarhat Trip Report Nov 14/17 2010

By Rakesh Niraj (1978169) with input from Sunil Jha (1978191) and Sunil Singh (1978214)

Start: Sunil Singh and Rakesh Niraj boarded Patna-Hatia Express of Nov. 13th from Patna and Sunil Jha started by car with a driver from Jamshedpur on the morning of Nov. 14th. The whole group finally met in front of the erstwhile Uphaar Cinema on Ratu Road just before 12 noon on Nov. 14th and started for Netarhat in the car brought by Sunil Jha. We have been corresponding for months and it was heartening to finally see everybody ready to go. Rakesh Niraj and Sunil Jha have been meeting off and on over the years but Sunil Jha and Sunil Singh met after 27 years and Rakesh Niraj and Sunil Singh were meeting after almost 10 years. Sunil Singh has changed the least, while both Rakesh Niraj and Sunil Jha have gained distinguished looks on account of different hair issues!

Last Updated (Tuesday, 23 November 2010 22:44)


Vidyalaya Diwas Report and Program - 2010

Rakesh Niraj was present in Netarhat on Nov 15, 2010 during Vidyalaya Diwas and he has sent copy of report of Principal as well as a copy of program. I am attaching those here. He would send a report of the trip later on.

Download this file (annual_report_2010.pdf)Annual Report 2010[Annual Day 2010 Principal's Report ]256 Kb
Download this file (SchoolDay Programme_2010.pdf)School Day 2010 Program[School Day 2010 Program]35 Kb

Last Updated (Tuesday, 23 November 2010 22:45)


NOBA70 batch 40th year reunion - A spouse’s eye view

(This article is written by Mrs. Deepa Mishra, wife of Brajendra (1970181), after our batch visited Netarhat recently as part of our 40th year reunion on Nov 4, 2010. Please share this with your spouse to make a visit to hat again! - PR)

Deepa MishraWhen we were making the reservations for our trip to Netarhat, I must admit that I had some reservations of my own… What if these ‘Old Boys’ notorious for communicating in a cryptic numerological language (181, 212, 167 etc.) make me feel completely out of place? What if there are too many of their ‘inside jokes’? What if I don’t click with the spouses? I took my chances and it paid off handsomely. These old boys were after all not old at heart. We had a wonderful peek into the past, made promises for the future and renewed the bonds that will last a lifetime. We had the time of our lives!!!

Last Updated (Wednesday, 17 November 2010 19:33)

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