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Home Modernization Efforts Requirement of Modernization

Requirement of Modernization

Requirement of Computers and other equipment for Netarhat Modernization

  1. Computer Class Room ( Old Assembly Hall ) - 42 computers + 1 LCD Projector

( 7 rows, 6 in each row. We have made provision for 6 row right now. There is space for 7th one. We have put 10 PC donated by Khetan Jee here. Additional 20 PCs are expected through IBM and Central Govt. Other 3 new computers are placed in adjacent room and all are connected by Network as per my earlier drawing. LCD Projector has been made available.)

  1. Computers in Ashrams - 2 x 21 = 42 computers ( out of this 7 (one in each set) needs to be more powerful, others can be older computers, )
  2. Computers in Labs
(a) Language Lab - 2 PC with multimedia
(b) Science Labs - 3 PC (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
(c) Arts Lab - 1 PC
(d) Music Lab - 1 PC
  1. Library - 4 PC with CDROM and headphone
  2. Digital Photography Hobby Centre - 6 PCs with 3 Digital Camera
  3. Robotics Hobby Centre - 6 PCs with 6 Lego Robotics Invention Set
  4. Electronics Hobby Centre - 1 PC with 10 electronics hobby kit
  5. Principal and administration - 4 PC
  6. Staff Room - 4 PC
  7. 128 Kbps Leased line internet (Right now this will be through OFC from Ranchi, which exists. I am in touch with Mr. P N Singh, who is in-charge of this in Ranchi. He will shortly give me the price.)
  8. Campus wide network ( wireless can be tried) connecting various School bldg., Sets and Teacher's qtrs. (if possible!)
  9. EPABX connecting all school rooms, labs and if possible Ashrams by telephone line.

Our order of priority could be :

1. Internet connection
2. School bldg networking
3. PCs required inside school
4. Campus wide wireless networking followed by PCs in ashram (Without networking and internet connection PCs i nAshram will not serve much purpose)
5. Hobby Centres


  1. Gym and Yoga equipment, acceessories and dresses (Prinicpal has given a list of items for this purpose, they require it urgently. I have requested Arun( 1970 batch) in Delhi to find out the price of the item and supplier.)
  2. Stock of dress for Drama (roughly 10 drama per year with cost of Rs. 15,000 each. Later on the dresses could be reused once stock has been built up.)
  3. VHS mikes for use in Drama
  4. Digital Video Camera for recording events

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