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Welcome to NOBA.ORG

J N Dar Memorial Function on Aug 2 by Delhi NOBA : Live at 6 PM

Watch live event at :

Any change would be notified here.


On the occasion of Diamond Jubilee year of School, Delhi NOBA has organized J N Dar Memorial Function on August 2 at India International Centre, Multipurpose Hall at 5:30 PM.Please register at:

Here is the rough structure of event:

Introduction to Netarhat Education Concept
Panel Discussion on Innovative Elements of Netarhat Education
TIFAC Technology Vision 2035 - Education Sector
J N Dar Memorial Lecture :  Importance of Netarhat System of Education for BRICS
Delhi NOBA: Overview and future Initiatives
Vote of Thanks

Attempt would be made for live streaming of the event. Please watch this space for link. Program details are attached with this news.

Download this file (60 Years of Netarhat.pdf)60 Years of Netarhat.pdf[Presentation by Vijoy Prakash jee at the event on "Lessons for Inclusive Quality Learning"]4861 Kb
Download this file (final_prog_jndar.pdf)final_prog_jndar.pdf[J N Dar Memorial Function Program Details]39 Kb

Last Updated (Sunday, 03 August 2014 00:45)



Message by Amit Kumar:

I am dedicating the documentary ‘THE LAST GURUKUL’ to the whole Netarhat Vidyalaya family. It is my small effort to show my emotion to our beloved ‘Netarhat’ which is certainly something more than just a school for all of us.

Please click the following link to view the FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM, ‘THE LAST

DVDs of the documentary are also available.


New Principal Prof B S Mallik joins Netarhat : His message

Dear NOBA,


It is expected of every person who assumes responsibility for the continuance of a widely respected tradition that he would be able to tell the world at once as to what he has planned for such an astonishingly complex task. But that, as must be obvious, is an extremely daunting task.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 09 October 2013 21:44)


Forgotten mathematics legend Vashishtha Jee back in academia

Legendary mathematician Vashishtha Narayan Singh, who had been languishing in penury, has joined the Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University (BNMU) in Madhepura as a visiting professor.

The 67-year-old Singh started work on Wednesday after the university's academic council gave the go-ahead to his appointment following media reports, including in the TOI, about how he was living like a destitute in his village home at Basantpur in Bhojpur district, 70km from Patna


“International Conference 2013 of ISIS” in Memory of Dr Paramamitra Shastri

Dr P.M Shastri Education and Charitable Trust(Regd) is organizing an international conference in memory of Dr. Paramamitra Shastri, Ex Principal of Netarhat Vidyalaya, Jharkhand, through its sub-unit “Indian Society for Indic Studies”, Vadodara. The main theme of the conference is : Ancient Indian Wisdom and Modern World”

The tentatively dates are in March, between 29th-31st March 2013 at Delhi. See the details here :


Shyamrudra Pathak (1974593) on Crusade

Shyamrudra Pathak has been sitting on Satyagrah to demand change in article 348 of Indian Constitution, which requires  all proceedings of Supreme Court to be in English. Inspite of many assurances by political leaders, nothing came out of his past efforts. Today it is covered in Rashtriya Sahara, Delhi Edition. I am enclosing a link to the report:

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