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Welcome to NOBA.ORG

Simulatala School Inaugurated

CM Nitish Kumar inaugurated Simultala School on Aug 9 by video conferencing. Here are some news reports:




Prabhat Ranjan(1970147)'s work for Cerebral Palsy patients brings smile to children

See the link :

DAIICT's gift: Remote control for the differently-abled

Last Updated (Wednesday, 11 August 2010 12:29)


Manoj Jha (1970184) works at relaunching Ambassador

KOLKATA: The Amby simply refuses to die. The iconic car that draws its lineage from Morris Oxford series II (Landmaster) and series III (Ambassador) is set to undergo the most ambitious makeover ever with heart as well as cosmetic surgery lined up to revive its sagging popularity.


Netarhat Admission stopped due to scandal

It appears from news paper report that there was mass scale bungling in the admission process conducted in Jharkhand. Kedar Jee has sent me the scans from newspaper. I am attaching the clippings here..


Download this file (Netarhat_News1.jpg)Netarhat_News1.jpg[ ]149 Kb
Download this file (Netarhat_News2.jpg)Netarhat_News2.jpg[ ]94 Kb
Download this file (Netarhat_News3.jpg)Netarhat_News3.jpg[ ]105 Kb

Last Updated (Monday, 30 August 2010 07:13)


NOBA Patna funds to help poor students

NOBA Patna had initiated a scheme to help economically weaker students of Netarhat to help them continue with higher education. Rs 24,000 was provided under this scheme to Mr Rajesh Soren. I am attaching here two relevant pages from "नोबा समाचार" published by NOBA Patna on Nov 15, 2009. Those desirous of seeking help under this scheme may contact Secretary, NOBA Patna.

Download this file (noba_patna_fund_bw.jpg)noba_patna_fund_bw.jpg[Application Form]180 Kb
Download this file (noba_patna_fund_bw_1.jpg)noba_patna_fund_bw_1.jpg[Letter of Secretary, NOBA Patna]293 Kb

Advertisement for Simultala School Appointments

Bihar Government MHRD dept has brought out advertisement  for appointment of staff for Simultala Avasiya Vidyalaya. A news item related to this is attached here. Last date is June 26, 2010.

Link for advertisement is :

Download this file (sav_070610.jpg)sav_070610.jpg[Simultala Appointment News]89 Kb

Last Updated (Wednesday, 09 June 2010 14:17)

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